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At the enterprise there have been developed and placed in all divisions Quality Policy and Statement of the management. The base principles of a modern industrial enterprise, which we steadily observe, get at the heart of our companys Quality Management System.

    Our strategy:
  • To keep existing and to develop new market outlets for the products;
  • To develop and introduce to the market kinds of products necessary for consumers;
  • To improve quality of turned out products on the basis of requirements and expectations of consumers;
  • To support favorable psychological climate of the labour collective, that can favour timely revealing of problems and their effective solution;

    Our principles:
  • A consumer is always right. It is the main source of our development demanding absolute respect;
  • Quality of our products should meet the requirements of consumers and even surpass their expectations;
  • To use modern "know-how" and management methods;

    Main areas:
  • Increase of activity efficiency of the enterprise, its competitiveness, considering interests of consumers;
  • System analysis of current and perspective requirements and expectations of consumers and their satisfaction with our products;
  • Observance of requirements and constant improvement of productivity of Quality Management System on the basis of international standard ISO/TS 16949:2009;
  • Regular training and increase of personnel completeness;
  • Development of new and perfection of existing know-how;
  • Construction of mutually advantageous relations with suppliers on the basis of trust and partnership;

Certification of Quality Management System of the enterprise is a key factor of stable quality which testifies that the enterprise fulfils all requirements of customers, both on product quality and observance of obligations under the agreement. Regular internal audits are the effective tool of revealing and subsequent implementation of areas for constant perfection of product quality and processes of Quality Management System.